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Translated text bug...

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Hi Mathias,
Some text translated not working.
Look this pic...

Mathias (Author):
I don't know spanish so I don't know what texts is not translated..

Speed : 15 MB/s (Average : 9,4 MB/s)
I have translated this and the correct text is...
Velocidad : 15 MB/s (Promedio : 9,4 MB/s)

copied of.... is translated too
copiado de

And this text already translated. With older versions i donĀ“t remember this bug

Line 982 and 983 of MultiCommander_lang_es.xml

Mathias (Author):
No they are not translated. The alternative text is not translated.

.EN language file (english)

    <item iid="982" text="Speed : %d %s/s (Average : %d %s/s)" desc="Speed : %s/s (Average : %s/s)"/>
    <item iid="983" text="%s KBytes copied of %s KBytes" desc="%s copied of %s"/>

.ES language file (spanish)

    <item iid="982" text="Velocidad: %d %s/s (Promedio: %d %s/s)"/>
    <item iid="983" text="%s KBytes copiados de %s KBytes"/>

They was added in v3.2 when it was changed how the size was shown.


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