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I've really been looking for a good explorer replacement. MultiCommander could have been the answer with enough of my own personal tweakings. Took me too long to find how to start the folder tree on a single explorer window, but I found it & was trying to find out how to save that setting when I find that it has hidden some file extensions on icons on my desktop. Sorry, but I'm sure it's MultiCommander because that's all I've dealt with today.

Well, that sucks! Is it because I was curious how it was going to display the registry? Who cares. I will now uninstall MultiCommander & hopefully remember as my quest for a decent explorer replacement continues. Of course, I'll have to manually re-enter all 15 or so registry entries that FORCE file extensions to be visible.

Your product isn't exactly safe.


I don't know whether it's really the MC's fault because you haven't described what you've exactly done. So i can't check. But if you use Windows XP, there is an option to hide known extensions (the only thing that occurs to me).

1. Open Control Panel
2. Click Appearance and Themes
3. Click Folder Options > View
4. Scroll down and check 'Hide extentions for known file types' (or uncheck to show)
5. Click OK.

Mathias (Author):
"Took me too long to find how to start the folder tree on a single explorer window, but I found it"

Strange that you "found it". Because that is not supported. Kind of makes the program a bit unusable because the whole idé of the commander style is two have 2 panels. A source and target panel.

Multi Commmander does not hides any file extension. You even got an own column for it. Only way to change that is to remove that column. and configure it not to show a file extension.

I'll have to manually re-enter all 15 or so registry entries that FORCE file extensions to be visible.
Multi Commander does NOT change anything in the registry for windows, or changing any file extension association.

Your product isn't exactly safe.
It is a file manager.  A product thats allows you to remove,delete,rename files can't be safe. Nothing is changed/removed by it self.
Its all up to the of the user.

Rethinking my original post; I now think I may like MC. Full disclosure follows.

It is possible for a malicious user to name a file so that it looks safe to open, when in fact it may be executable containing dangerous content. For example, a file could be displayed as "readme.txt" in explorer, when it fact it is really named "readme.txt.shs" but since the ".shs" portion of the filename is hidden it is impossible to tell it apart from a simple text file. Then once a user double-clicks to open this file, instead of seeing a text page as expected, the file will be executed by Windows as a scrap object and potentially harm the system.

It is with this in mind why I always do the following (xp):

Double click My Computer, go into Tools, Folder Options, View. I check Show hidden files and folders, and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types and uncheck hide protected operating system files.

Then I search the registry for any instance of "NeverShowExt", & delete each one.

Then I create a new string value called "AlwaysShowExt" in each of the following keys, all of which are in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:


After installing MC, various extensions were no longer on some of the icons on my desktop. Not shown were pdf, txt, zip and flv. Oddly, all the jpg extensions were still showing. Fearing that all my registry settings had changed, I posted to this forum what I posted, then settled down to go into the registry.

However, I found that only the "hide extensions" option in folder properties had changed, which I find to be very insignificant as it's so easy to change back. So I agree that my statement about your product not being safe was silly and unfortunate. Sorry. Really.

I think hidden extensions are dangerous. What I should have said is for some strange reason I had a setting change after installing MC that hid some extensions. After reading your responses I agree that the change must have been some strange response from my particular system. So today I re-installed MC and nope -no change with regards to file extensions.

So, thank you for a very nice looking explorer replacement. I, too, would hope for a 'list' setting ability someday, and maybe to have a way to set shortcuts to be able to quickly go to often used folders. But all in all, it really is a very fine product.

BTW: right under the address bar, to the right of the drop down menu for drives, are 5 icons. The first is the 'show/hide folder tree (Alt+num *)' button.

Mathias (Author):

Yes hiding the file extension can be dangerous, I agree.
If showing the file extension in the 'ext' column is not what you want, you can have the file extension to be show in the filename or even in both columns.

Explorer Panel Settings->Layout.->File and Folder Display->File Extension :

3 options for that exists : 'Both in filename and ext field' , 'Only in filename field', 'only in ext field.'

List mode is planed and coming.


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