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Hello everyone.
Since there is no intro section, I'll post some basics here.

Before anything,  I salute you Mathias for the excellent work so far. You have started a project similar to what I intented to do for years but for which I had no time.

I've been working on file managers development since DOS era (see DN - Dos Navigator - the best MS-DOS FM in the world).

Unfortunately today most file managers are very limited. None of them is truly professional (TC for example cannot even open pictures without parsing it to the OS). That was until I found Multi-Cmd. MCmd gets closest to what an expert would need in complete file management. Since Windows vista appeared, compatibility with already ancient WinNavigator I am still using decreased a lot. The source for it was not available so I could not improve its design. When I found MC and tested it a little, I found it to be the only one truly supporting file color schemes (and a few more things of major interest). Even more, I found that coloring is not only based on extensions...and this can help a lot.

There are some bugs I found in just one day of testing, there are functionality issues that could be made way more user-friendly and there are things that if added will make this FM the most capable on the market today.

I will not request the source code MCmd since I will not have the time to develop a FM from scratch or from a existing source, but I will report all bugs, make suggestions, come up with unique features that existed in ancient times but are found in no FM today.

I am currently writing down some of them and I intent to make a general topic to include everything (to maybe have 3 sections: features, bugs and others). I think posting them separately will be harder to follow (while using 1 topic a status system for bugs/features would be quite nice and efficient).
But feel free to say if those need to be posted separately.

Mathias (Author):

I had more forums sections before but it confuses people so just post bugs in the "Support and Feedback" forum.
And if it is Requests for New Features features or changes to a feature use the "Feature Requests and Suggestions" forum.

Separate or Together. Separate post are better since it is easier to answer and response to separate bugs. But if the bugs are in the same part depending on each other then do them together. But both works.

Chances are I got many of the bugs on my to do list already. I'm working on MC on my spare time when times allows. Because of that I have to prioritize what to fix and add. (What give more value for the time I can spend.) But since I use the program a lot my self I do spend a lot time improving it.

Thanks for answering.
In that case, a list of known bugs should be somewhere on the forums and there it could have bug status (reported/confirmed/in progress/fixed).
As for the rest, I think a feature topic and a bugs topic in the respective sections will do for now.
Changes/updates (the 3rd category) can be under features since it is mostly feature related.


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