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File copying-creating folders/subfolders on target


This all started while using Xtree way back and I have been looking for the same function since

I would like to have a display of files from a folder and subfolders, filter them, then copy/move selected files to a target taking with them the folder structure from the source

This would have to be a stellar feature

Mathias (Author):
Don't really know if I understand.

If you stand in one location you want to show be able to change so it shown all files and folder and sub files/folders. Like a flat structure.

Eg if you have this tree structure.


then you would see


And if you select and copy File1.txt to G:\ it would keep the tree structure for file1.txt and
you would get G:\Folder2\SubFolder1\File1.txt

Is that what you mean ?


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