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Linux? Linux???


Hi --

Relatively new user, really love the program.

Beats the KNICKERS off the proprietary TC program, and I see support for wlx, wdf etc in the plugins directory...

My question here is, I am mostly a Linux user now and wondering which, if any, of the vAST (VAST!!) number of W** extensions freely available for "tc" work in Multicommander?

And which work in Linux?

I see we have this Kewl SDK which I'd like to delve into, which LINUX C does it want please?



Mathias (Author):
MC can not run TC extensions.. (at the moment)

And none works on linux..  Windows and Linux works different. programs on Windows does not run on Linux


--- Quote from: Mathias (Author) on January 10, 2016, 11:16:24 ---MC newbielink: [nonactive] and can not run TC extensions.. (at the moment)

--- End quote ---

Does that mean there's plans for it in the future Mathias?  ;)

Mathias (Author):
Not sure. I think the API are too different so not sure if it is possible. I have not looked so much at it.
Someone else was talking about creating a bridge plugin for MC..  a MC Plugin that then loads TC plugin, But not sure what happens with that


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