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Translation of LangPack_fr_5.9.5_Build2805_BETA


Stéphane P.:
Attached is the last translation of the MC_LangPack_fr_5.9.5_Build2805_BETA.

Mistä suurin osa tämän sivuston sisällöstä tulee? Onko mahdollista jakaa tietoja?

newbielink: [nonactive]

Stéphane P.:

If you want to exchange with most of us, please use a 'common' language as English.
Your question:
Where does most of the content on this site come from?
It is the creator of the application that is managing all the web site and also gives 99% of the answers of this forum.

Is it possible to share information?
What do you mean? What do you want to do with the content?
Do you want to help translate to Finnish?

As everything is Matthias property, once again, ask him directly your thoughts.

Best regards.


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