Author Topic: Script to launch portable programs in portable mode.  (Read 6449 times)


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Script to launch portable programs in portable mode.
« on: June 26, 2017, 17:31:41 »
Here is a simple script to use in your buttons to launch portable programs from the portable version of multicommander.

NOTE: Multicommander is located on

Synwrite is located on

Using this script simply import into the button editor and change the string associated with $runProg

@var $runProg;
@var $runpg;

$runProg = "SynWrite\Syn.exe";

$runpg = StrSub(GetTagValue("${mcinstallpath}"),0,16);
$runpg = $runpg + $runProg;
MC.Run CMD="{$runpg}"

If the application your using is on another path but the same drive as multicommander portable, change the code
as shown below

Multicommander is on F:\multicommander\multicommander.exe
Synwrite is on f:\progs\synwrite\syn.exe

@var $runProg;
@var $runpg;

$runProg = "progs\SynWrite\Syn.exe";

$runpg = StrSub(GetTagValue("${mcinstallpath}"),0,3);
$runpg = $runpg + $runProg;
MC.Run CMD="{$runpg}"

Change the 3rd line of the script and the 4th line.