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Windows Message API is working?

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I recently discover MultiCommander and i am impress!
So complex and full of options!
Congratulations for this great software!

I am interested in the Windows Message API, I read the docs and is a little hard for me because I am a begginer Delphi/Lazarus programmer.
But my first and main question is: The Windows Message API is working? because I download your Sample Project with the C++ Helper.
I have MultiCommander open of course, I execute MCCopyDataSendGetSample.exe but nothing happens, any button I press the path still remains C:\windows\system32

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I forgot to say my OS is Windows7 x64 SP1

Mathias (Author):
Hmm Strange..  It should work.. Did some googling and it might be that some security thing in windows have changed that made it not work anymore..
But I think it will be possible to enable it again.. looks like apps need to opt-in for it. So might need to add a option for it.
But I need to check this more.  I post more when I know more.

(I dont have time to test right now.. But is it the same if both of the apps are running as admin. or if sending app is running as admin ? )

Tested... bot programs run As Administrator same behavior...  (don't work).  :(

I can confirm what that is not the problem because I download a demo (made in Delphi) very simple,  what use WM_COPYDATA messages to communicate each other and dont need to be Admin to work.

My goal is know in myApp what paths have open/displayed MultiCommander in all TABS. I made it work in Windows Explorer, FreeCommander XE (only the active tab) and Total Commander but always thru inspect windows classes and his captions. Sadly your program use your own MZCrumbBarCtrl component (very impressive!) to display the paths and that component  dont publish his caption, so I am stuck.

Maybe you know some way to accomplish that in another way.

Thanks in advance.

PD: Little screenshot of my program showing paths of differents File Managers.

Mathias (Author):
I got some time to test the sample now and it works.

Start MC
Start MCCopyDataSendGetSample.exe
Click "Get Current item" in the Sample app and the Full path of the item in focus is shown in the sample app

Mathias (Author):
If you did not build the sample app you self.. It might be that the prebuilt .exe required an old redist files.
Download the sample again and try the exe there. I changed the sample so it does not require any redists.. (That why it is a little large..)


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