Author Topic: Server Busy warning when dragging a file into another program (Audacity)  (Read 1482 times)


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When I drag and drop an .MP3 file from MC into another program (Audacity), I always get the following warning:

Server Busy
This action cannot be completed because the "Drag" program is not responding.  Choose "Switch To" and correct the problem.

And three buttons are displayed:  Switch To, Retry, and Cancel (grayed out).

The action will complete successfully after the normal time (the files usually take a minute or two for Audacity to load them) and the warning box disappears.  Choosing Switch To or Retry does nothing constructive. 

This happens on both Windows 7 and 10.

Attached should be the warning message.

Mathias (Author)

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That windows is from Windows,  Because the program that you dropped on have acceptet the drop But have not release the data yet.
MC must wait until the the app that accepted the drop is finished.
The problem is really in Audacity, that it is keeping a hold on the drop data while it is handling it.