Author Topic: General slowness - example switching MC from one monitor to another  (Read 1384 times)


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Recently I've been starting to see slowness with MC just doing basic functions like browsing folder or dragging files. An activity that can take about 20 secs is just switching MC from one monitor to another - when it does this I do get a "Not Responding" message in the title bar temporarily while it catches up.

I saw mention of users enabling the Debug log to investigate - where is that stored once enabled?

I am running v7.7 (build 2404) where I've noticed this happening but it has been a while since an update was released so it could be changes I've made on my system.

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I run 4 monitors my self, I have not seen anything like that. so I don't think it have do to with multi monitor setup. There is nothing really with that, that should affect it. unless you have some multi monitor third party programs that does something.
However if you have different dpi settings for each monitor, it can take Window a short time to scale it correctly
And also if you have a lot tabs it might be that it refreshes (rescan) the tabs, and it can also depend on how you drag.. from or to external programs.
Also lots of external program that hook them self into MC can affect it

You can active logging in core settings. But I don't think it will give much.