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CMD console mod (Freeware)


I found a good cmd.exe console mod here -
It has color profiles, tabs, handy tree navigation, can save favorite commands etc & the exe can be dropped on MCs top bar.

The home page has a number of interesting small freeware progs -  including a 4 pane WinExplorer mod

Even better than ColorConsole is:

I tried Q-Dir for a while, but settled on MC as the superior commander ;)

I do use their FontViewOK though.

ConEmu looks interesting, does more than I need at the moment but am going to play around with it a bit :)

Yes MC is superior to Q-Dir, the latter is only regular explorer made more usable & so won't be taking the MC crown I think :D

I've decided I like the AutoHideDesktopIcons & GetWindowText tools from the softwareOK.


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