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Is there a way to invoke an alternate copy routine if desired? Standard windows (the built-in commands) I assume are used to copy with MC. I prefer to use Teracopy on very large single files; if the standard copy routine is used for some reason the file copy speed slows down as the copy progresses (on XP-SP3).

Mathias (Author):
Windows build in copy is NOT used.  Multi Commander using it's own. Have it's own buffers and ways of reading and writing.
For example if target and source is located on physical different drives, it is copying using async mode (Write data on target while at the same time it can read from the source)

It is possible to tweak how this should work.
In the Copy dialog you can "Options>>" and then "Advanced>>" and the Read/Write Strategy can be tweaked.
However... It is not recommend that anything is change here, unless you really know what you are doing..

Thanks for the information; I didn't know MC used a custom routine. I have just recently "discovered" MC and have yet to try it on very large files. I know explorer (using XP's own internal system) seems to choke on very large files, possibly due to memory management or buffering issues.


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