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Folder SIzes


Is it possible to keep all the settings permanent so they will default when program is reopen?  Especially want to do this with Folder Sizes always being on.

Mathias (Author):
You want it to start rescanning all the folder to get their sizes every time you start ?

I see your point.  Yes it would be convenient to have that option because I am always sorting out file sizes, etc.  It would be nice to have the option in the configuration menu.  DOPUS (a file manager from Australia I believe) had that feature but I could never afford their asking price of $85.00 for the program.

Mathias (Author):
So it is not just when you start it should calculate folders size. It is all the time. As soon as it finds a folder it should start checking the size for the folder?

Don't that slows thing down? Scanning the harddrive like crazy all the time, or are you settings a filter so it only do that under some path ?

It would be an option in the Configuration or Options menu to display Folder size.  I realize that having it on all the time may slow things down some.  But whenever the directory refreshes it looses all of the folder sizes.  It would be nice if after refreshing it could keep the folder sizes there so I could see the changes immediately rather than going through the Folder Size option again.  When the Folder Size stays on automatically the Directory Folders  refresh quickly with the new folder sizes.  This of course is not critical but it is a nice feature.  I always look for this feature but hardly ever see it.


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