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Beta Build 808


Mathias (Author):
Mostly stability fixes for rare problem that have been reported from crash reports.

Also some minor new improvments

* Menu bar can now be hidden. And then shown when user presses Alt key. (Like in IE9)
* Device toolbar now also shows USB/Removable devices.
* Multi Commander no longer locks the folder it is showing. So it is now possible to delete the folder you are currently showing from another program.
* 11 new MultiScript function for getting selected/focus items from target/source view
* 4 new MultiTags that will expand to the item in focus for source/target item. with fullpath or just name.
* When creating checksums MD5/CRC32/SHA1. It is now possible to copy the calculated checksum to the clipboard using context menu on the item.
* 30+ Internal changes and fixes since v1.1.1 build 800.


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