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Typing first letter of file/folder name


In explorer panel, using keyboard to type first letter of file name causes the first file or folder starting with that letter to be selected.  This is good.  However, typing the same letter again should cause the next matching file/folder name to be selected.  Instead, just the first matching file/folder remains selected.

In a long list of file names, I should be able to type S S S S and have the forth file starting with "s" selected.  This is how Microsoft Explorer works.

Mathias (Author):
Maybe it is possible to make. Right now it will go to what ever you type.  if you type "MyFFF" it would find MyFFFile.txt for example. it might not be possible if it would move to next file if same letter are pressed.  It might be possible to tweak this a bit. I will give it more thought, and see what I can do

I didn't know its behavior was what you described.  Me thinks that I might like it better the way it currently is rather than what I suggested.

Now that I know it's behavior, I'll work with it for a while.  I'll withdraw or maybe modify my request.


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