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[ADDED] Hover mouse over tab should show full path name


Hovering the mouse pointer over a tab in the Explorer Panel should show a tip that contains the full path of the folder.

I could be in sub-folder ABC of project WXY in one tab, and sub-folder ABC of project XYZ in another tab.  The tab just shows "ABC".  But what project folder is it?  I don't know so I have to click on it so the full path shows up in the Path window.  Instead, a tip should pop up that shows "D:\Proj\WXY\lvl1\lvl2\ABC"

Mathias (Author):
This is actually already on the list, but I kind of forgot about it. I will move it up. should be an easy thing to add.

Mathias (Author):
From build 814 the full path should be shown when hovering over a tab.

Works great!  Much better!  Thanks for adding it.


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