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Can you hide some of the buttons?


Is it possible to hide buttons - or at least hide a couple of the rows of buttons?  I've searched and cannot find it.  Hopefully I've missed something simple. 

Mathias (Author):
With Ctrl+B you can hide/show the entire button panel.

If you want to change how many button (rows and columns) the button panel should show need to edit the configuration for that manually.

Menu > Help > Go to > Config Folder

Select "MultiButtons.xml"

Select Menu > Tools > Text Conversion > To Windows Format (CRLF)

Then edit the MultiButtons.xml file.

the second line in that file contains the rows and cols. change them

--- Code: ---<buttonpanel id="1" rows="4" cols="8">

--- End code ---

You can change that to 1 or 2 rows if you want to have less buttons.

Thank you very much for the quick reply - I really appreciate it!


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