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Beta Build 820


Mathias (Author):
Mostly bugs and stability fixes since last beta

* When copying files and files already exists. The "Replace all older" option now works.
* Files dropped on a button will now have quotes around them.
* Fixed a couple of High DPI related problems.The main GUI should now be drawn correctly if run under High DPI mode.
* Devices where it is not possible to get free/available space will now no longer show any free space information.
* Constant string now works with CustomCommands called from MultiScripts. (eg MC.Explorer.Goto Path="c:\bin" )
* Crash problem if multiple instances of the Language editor was opened.
* Multi selected problem when running Windows Explorer mode.
* Path field, Freespace field, status field, all in the explorer panel, Will now resize according to the selected font size.
* 65+ Internal changes and fixes since v1.1.1 build 800.


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