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Mathias (Author):
Custom command that will do a start a search for a predefined set of parameters.

Command Type : Custom Command

MC.FileSearch.Search SEARCHIN="${sourcepath}" SEARCHFOR="*.txt *.xml" CONTENT="MultiCommander" EXCLUDE=".svn" AUTOSTART

It will start a new search, It will search for the files in the current source path.
Search for all *.txt and *.xml files.

The files should have the content "MultiCommander" in them.

Exclude all folders named ".svn" , Do not scan that folder any any subfolder

HIDE - Hide the search criteria dialog.

AUTOSTART - Start the search immediately

I thought I would use this as a work-around to get the search to open expanded by specifying a string in the search for content field.
Unfortunatelly, this did not the trick.

MC.FileSearch.Search SEARCHIN="${sourcepath}" SEARCHFOR="*" CONTENT="MultiCommander"

Mathias (Author):
It might be because you do not have many files with the word "MultiCommander" in them.
Try remove the CONTENT="MultiCommander" search criteria.

This looks like something I need!
Will get on with trying it.   ;)


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