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Change path in both Left and Right panel


Mathias (Author):
Change the path in both the left and right panel with the hit of hotkey.

Command Type : Custom Command

MC.Explorer.Goto LEFT="D:\Projects\Documents" RIGHT="E:\Shared\Documents"

* If left or right panel is not a explorer panel (eg. search is open and in focus). Then a new tab will be opened on that side.

How can I obtain one more tab in the right panel showing another folder?

Mathias (Author):
For opening new tabs check out the command

Thank you for the reply. Finally, I was able to succeed in what I wanted. I had made the mistake of writing several lines in Custom Commands. But using the Multiscript below solved the problem.

MC.Explorer.Goto LEFT="Path1"
MC.Explorer.NewBrowser SIDE=RIGHT PATH="PathA" 
MC.Explorer.NewBrowser SIDE=RIGHT PATH="PATHB"

I started trying out MultiCommander only yesterday, and it seems to be a great program! Thank you for your effort!


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