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Menu option for UNIX style layout of detailed file lists


What I am looking for is maybe a menu option (that's saved on exit and restored on startup) to display the detailed file lists similar to the way a directory list is shown on UNIX systems - with the file name on the far right.  Or let the user arrange the columns as desired and have a menu option to save the arrangement as the new default for all file lists.

Attrib   Size   Date   Ext   Name

I was able to do this with MS Explorer on XP but on Win7 it doesn't work the same.

Currently I can rearrange the MultiCommander columns into a UNIX-like format by dragging them around but unfortunately the icon remains pined to the left edge and that looks odd.  Also, the program doesn't seem to remember the rearranged columns after exit and restart (unless I missed an option somewhere).

It would be good if the icon were in its own column or, at least, considered part of the Name column such that it moved with the name.

Mathias (Author):
To save the column layout you need to modify the default column set.

Right click on the column header and select 'Change Column Sets' then select '[Default].

To edit the column layout and order for this column set, you press the Change button (located under the list of columns)
(Or select 'Current Column Setup' from the 'Copy From' drop down, located under the button)

Then a dialog will popup where you can add/remove and arrange order of columns. Press OK. and back in the Change Column set dialog. you press Save Changes. Now the default column set will always be what you set it to.

Changing the icon however is not possible to change at the moment. Because of some internal issues this is not an easy fix. But I will put it on the list, And see if I can fix it in the future.

Ah!  Thanks for the column layout instructions.  Just what I was looking for.  Except for that pesky icon stuck to the left edge...  I could turn the icons off but they are kind of nice to have.

Still learning the features of this great program!

By the way... thanks for being so responsive to posts in this forum.  Like a breath of fresh air!  I've been on other forums for other tools and people post questions or suggestions that are never acknowledged or just flat out ignored.  Makes the poster think the posts just go into a black hole or the circular filing cabinet; frustrating. 

Mathias (Author):
I try to answer question as soon as I can.

What the point with a forum if you not going to answer question :)


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