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Version 11.5 BETA
« on: November 20, 2021, 17:08:22 »
This is the beta release of the next version. It has not been fully tested.
If any of the function listed below have issue please report them
If you find issues that about things not in the list below. Then post a normal bug report in "Support and feedback" section.

-- Build 2333  - 15+ Changes
  CHANGE- Upgrade build process to VS2022
  FIXED - Issue with MultiScript CopyFile(..) , Progress dialog was not able to be shown.
  FIXED - Issue when open path from locked tab, Some configuration option resulted in 2 new tabs opening instead of 1
  FIXED - Never hide ".." folder even if file attribute say so
  REMOVE- Lots of unused code that was not used anymore since it was rewritten.
  FIXED - 6 Stability Issues