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Some MultiDataViewer FRs


1. Don't highlight/select address in hex view

2. Highlight hex strings
If i'm in Hex view, i can highligth hex values only by typing text representation in highlight field.
E.g. i have a text file with 'as' text:

--- Code: ---00000000 61 73           as
--- End code ---

If i type as in highlight field, both text and hex values will be highlighted, but if i type 61 73 - nothing will be highlighted.

3. Select Hex Strings.
Something like 'Copy as hex string' in main/context menu to copy
So in above mentioned case 61 73 would be copied (as a string but not raw bytes combination because it's not a hex editor).

Mathias (Author):

1. Might be added

2. The highlight is base on the actual data. Might be able to add some option so that it will match against hex values. Maybe

3. Sound good. Might be added.

I put them on the suggestions list


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