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Powershell Syntax


I just discovered this file manager and its awesome, So I want to contribute. Here is a very basic Powershell syntax formatting. This is basic and I will update, but it does a good job so far.

  <profile name="Powershell" id="4d67289ec3124b218ef1775ae48f8f21" ext="ps1">
    <format themecolor="0" textcolor="#ff6820" backgroundcolor="-1" flags="256">\s-\w+</format>
    <format themecolor="0" textcolor="#0062c4" backgroundcolor="-1" flags="256">\w+-\w+</format>
    <format themecolor="0" textcolor="#408080" backgroundcolor="-1" flags="256">#(.*)</format>
    <format themecolor="0" textcolor="#009300" backgroundcolor="-1" flags="8">if,else,begin,process,end,try,catch,function,for,return</format>
    <format themecolor="0" textcolor="#aa00aa" backgroundcolor="-1" flags="256">\$\w+</format>


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