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Mathias (Author):
Build 1005

  ADDED - Settings to turn off the feature that remember selected files/folders when returning to previous path.
  ADDED - Can now choose to not separate files and folder when sorting.
  ADDED - Multi Commander can now be configured to only start a single instance.
  ADDED - Multi Commander can now be minimized to a tray icon.
  ADDED - Create Link tool can now create shortcut files (.lnk)
  ADDED - Shared folder overlay icon is now shown even if you are not running on XP
  ADDED - View Filter can now be configured to reset itself when going to a new path.
  ADDED - View Filter can now be configured to restore the view filter you had before leaving the path.
  FIXED - Problem with error handling with MultiRename.
  FIXED - Problem when openening the CheckSum Extension from the context menu on the tabarea.
  FIXED - Quick search field now accept keypad number keys.
  FIXED - Problem with natural sorting.
  FIXED - Shortcut files (.lnk) will now show the icon of the target of the link.
  FIXED - PackFiles will now use the autoclose settings.
  FIXED - Problem when showing some child dialogs from Button editor.
  FIXED - Dragging files/folder to the folder tree will now show the correct drag/drop action. (Copy/Move)
  FIXED - A couple of rare situation that could cause a crash.
  FIXED - A couple of minor memory leaks
  FIXED - 4 Crash situations reported by crash reports.

Mathias (Author):
Build 1011 - 17-March-2012

  ADDED - Can now customize what keys to use for moving focus to first and last item in the explorer panel.
  ADDED - Can now customize what key to use to move input focus to the commandline field.
  ADDED - Added support for showing Large icons. (Large icons in the FolderTree not yet supported)
  ADDED - If Viewing an picture and pressing Ctrl+C the picture will be copied to the clipboard.
  ADDED - If needed, It will ask the user if it should enabled linked connections.
  ADDED - NEW Language support : Dutch - Created by Hans Niesten
  ADDED - NEW Language support : Czech - Created by PetRip
  FIXED - When running with only allow a single instance, did not work as expected if it was minimized.
  FIXED - Operator += now works with arrays in MultiScripts. ( eg "$res = $arr[$d] + "Append" )
  FIXED - MultiScript function CopyFile now works better.
  FIXED - Fixed problem when unpacking tar.gz files that had a path that started with ".\"
  FIXED - Problem when showing the button editor and then other dialog was shown under that window.
  FIXED - 3 more rare crash situations that was reported by crash reports.

Mathias (Author):
Beta Build 1015 - 22-March-2012

  FIXED - Some large icons was missing and has been added.
  FIXED - Suggested source folder when unpacking a tar.gz file was wrong. So instead of unpacking into a folder it would unpack into a new .tar instead
  FIXED - Problem with adding files to a tar archive if the file name was very long.
  FIXED - Problem going to ".." when located in a server share ( "\\server\share\" )
  FIXED - Problem restoring Multi Commander from tray if it was maximized before it was minimized to tray.
  FIXED - Even if the option for remember selection was disabled. It remembered them in some situation.
  FIXED - Better error handling on FTP when uploading a file that already exists.
  FIXED - tar.bz2 files can now be aborted and/or paused when being unpacked.
  ADDED - Quick search now support substring matching.

Mathias (Author):
Release Candidate Build 1019 - 28-March-2012

  FIXED - Some minor problems with view filters.
  FIXED - Problem with "Single Instance" and when current instance was maximized.
  FIXED - Problem with quick search. Sometimes it was not possible to remove the first letter that was typed.
  ADDED - Large Icons Support for Folder Tree
  FIXED - Tweaked view filters a bit.
  ADDED - Multi-Rename now shows status of items renamed and error.
  FIXED - Rare crash in MultiRename for files with no file extensions.
  FIXED - Live preview did not always update in MultiRename.
  FIXED - The File searcher did not always find matching files when searching for content if the file was in unicode.
  FIXED - File Search problem if search for content and 'whole word only' and matching word was the last line in the file.
  FIXED - Fix very rare crash in File searcher when searching for file content.

Mathias (Author):
  -- Release Candidate 2, Build 1022

FIXED - Some minor language issues.
FIXED - Picture viewer will now respect the "AutoRotate" option.
FIXED - Move file using Retry as admin did not always work.
FIXED - Packer profiles can now be deleted.


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