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Display of photos and videos on an Android smartphone with Windows 10


Hello dear Multi Commander experts  8)

I am a amateur photographer and also a programmer, this morning I discovered Multi Commander and was amazed at all the features it provides (most of all enhancing it with custom made programs) !
I have been spending the whole day testing and finding my way in the tool.
I need to manage transfers of photos and videos from my Android smartphone (left panel, source) to a disk drive. The photos and videos serve different purposes so I must dispatch them to various folders on the drive. I am working on a PC under Windows 10. I am stuck on several points :

1) This morning I could see thumbnails of the jpg files in my smartphone and tonight this seems impossible :(  In between, of course, I have done a lot of modifications in the configuration, tried out writing and executing commands... I think I have gone through all the parameters in the configuration windows, and I cannot make these thumbnails appear again. Any clue what might have happened ?

2) I have never seen thumbnails of the video files. Is it possible to get them ?

3) If I double click on a video in my source panel, for a small size video it will play it, and for a large size file it will do nothing (although in the Windows explorer double clicking on the same file will run the video in the "Movies and TV" application). Is there a way of bypassing this MC limitation for large size videos ?

4) I tried to create a simple command which would run the "Movies and TV" application in Windows and I have not been able to. With a DOS command window it is very easy, just executing the following "start mswindowsvideo:" will do the job.  Can anyone help ?

5) the ${sourcefocusname} variable (path and file name to the currently selected file) returns a string starting with "WPD:\" This cannot be used to access the file in Windows commandlines. Any suggestion for a workaround ?

I am raising many problems. Thank you in advance for any clue you may provide to any of those  :)

Jean-Marie, Paris, lockdown ( :-\ a good period for such trials !)


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