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Re: version 11.3 Bug ?


Lukasz S.:

Just found another bug, I'm not sure if standard version not BETA has the same issue. I was not able to move file to my NAT folder where complete path has 52 characters and file name was 108 + extension.
Move dialog window appears but with no action closing immediately. Is there any limitation in MC for filename length I mean quantity of characters?

I moved this file in Windows with no problem.


Mathias (Author):
If the error was about path being to long it would say so.  The character limit is around 4096 but if it is over network it can be lower depended on system there.
Most error windows return a error code and that error is shown also the FileOperation log can have more info about errors (Ctrl+L)
But what error did you get ?  Without anymore information it is impossible to say why. It can lots of different reasons.


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