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please Add option to Remove Close button from Tabs


Aziz Senan:
on Tabs need I need an option to remove [x]close button from tabs
because some times it get closed by accident when I am just trying to select it not to close it specially if I have many tabs opened I've seen this feature in notepad++ it will be great if we have it in Multicommander.

Thank you

Menu > Configuration > Core settings > Layout:  uncheck Show close button in the tab.

Aziz Senan:
Thank you very much AlanJB  for the quick response and clear answer. I admire this program every time i use it. its the best for me I've been looking for such explorer for years, I have tried many explorer programs beside "windows explorer" which is really annoying for me ..With my discovery to this  great Multi Commander Explorer I feel very happy, also when I think of some feature after little search I find it implemented already....That's why I appreciate every effort from any one, that contributed into building such a magnificent  software.

Thank you All



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