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Mathias (Author):

--- Quote from: User_99 on May 30, 2022, 19:33:24 ---
--- Quote from: Mathias (Author) on May 29, 2022, 17:33:21 ---Say mention above.. PDF support is not fully there yet, It will probably be added in the next beta unless the Windows Preview API cause issues

--- End quote ---
Only want to report, that per default no preview handler for pdf is installed on Windows 10.

--- End quote ---

Sure ? I have very little installed on one test setup and there I get previews for pdf in explorer. no pdf software installed.

Mathias (Author):
1. Im not happy with the new icon either, it will change, but Im also not happy with the old. the icon don't really say what it does.
  Hide/Show things are often shown with an "eye" kind of icon. Will see if I can fix a better one, the current are really bad, maybe the eye should not be transparent, but white..
 Not sure.

3. Hmm Is it not kind of overkill to be able to customize all the colors in the favorites windows? been thinings about maybe removing that. fells like to much, Maybe should just follow the colors setup for file list instead. Anyway, until that it should work so will take a look
4. Hmm Strange that should be translatable, I will check.
5. I will check
6. It will be possible to remap it.  Not sure what to use as default. It will always conflict with some users personal setup
7.  Yes it does. Works for me,  strange, sure you have not clear the mapping ?
8. Yes I know, many windows are not fixed. It require lots of work for each windows, So many windows that are not shown so often have low prio.. However MultiRename windows is high on the list

--- Quote from: Lukasz S. on May 30, 2022, 17:05:23 ---Hi Mathias,

I'm sending some points which I found in new release (probably issues regarding favourite window was also in previous version):
1. I think icon for show/hide hidden files was good, better then new one - in my opinion (Please see Screen1.jpg).
2. If you plan to keep new icon, is it possibility to standardize it, I mean the same folder icon in the background, like one showed with green underline? (Please see Screen2.jpg)
3. Favourite window – there is issue with font colour, as you can see font should be yellow, but unfortunately is in grey like full row marking. Hover colour is also not working correctly. (Please see Screen3.jpg)
4. No possible to translate Inactive option, I think this is added function, but honestly speaking I was not able to test it during work with MC - could you give more details about it? (Please see Screen4.jpg)
5. No possible to translate sentences marked in orange. (Please see Screen5.jpg)
6. I think shortcut for Hover data preview CTRL+H should not be set as a default; I’m using this shortcut to show/hide hidden & system files and after update I had a conflict. So maybe there is a chance that MC after update will check if there are shortcut conflicts.
7. Pack and unpack command from menu and shortcut  (Alt+F5) doesn’t work.
8. There are still some windows not showed in dark mode like Multirename and others.


--- End quote ---

Mathias (Author):
A Better Hide / Show icon,, better then the temporary that was in the beta

Grey and half closed when hidden files are hidden and so no. full color and open when all files are shown

Nice new icons

Lukasz S.:

The icon you proposed above is much better then in beta version :-)

Anyway, there is some issue with keyboard shortcuts.
Since years I have F2 for rename, and F7 for new folder. In newest beta something has changed, please see attached screen. Even if shortcut is wrong, F2 and F7 is working correctly, there is only visualization issue in button panel.



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