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Can't get MC.Filesystem.Delete to work

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So I have a user defined command attached to a button:-

--- Code: ---MC.Filesystem.Delete FILTER="*.zip; *.rar"
--- End code ---
But it won't work & I get no error or dialog of any kind.
I've assumed I can only use one command in a button of this type, not multiple as with a script, so I haven't added a select option first, I get the same result with files pre-selected or unselected.
What have I missed.....?   :-\

Hi Ulf.


Mathias (Author):
MC.Filesystem.Delete is disabled. It had some issue.
Also the Filter option was removed.. The Normal Delete dialog had a filter box. but there are so many situation where it did not works well. so it was removed.. Might be why MC.Filesystem.Delete was disabled.
It was long time ago.. lots have happen since then. I will put it on my list and see if it is possible to add it again

Mathias (Author):
I took a quick look and it was almost working. But I changed it a bit

So in next beta release this should work.

However if you do not specify a PATH you must specify a USE_CURRENT_SOURCEITEM parameter instead, this will take current source item that are in focus and use as PATH.
It was prone to accidental delete of files without specifying that you really want to do that.
Delete to recycle bin are not yet support and will have to wait. So it is still a bit risky to use since you get no UI or confirmation with the MC.FileSystem. methods. They go directly to the filesystem layer.
MC.Explorer.Delete access Delete via the UI layer. and you can see UI.

Application Log and FileOperation Log will output error and what is deleted.

Thanks for the replies.
I am relieved that I haven't gone completely mad ...even if I did forget to add the build #!   ::) ;D

Thanks for the details Mathias, hopefully the USE_CURRENT_SOURCEITEM parameter will do what I need.  It certainly looks like a good solution.
I will have to run a few tests on dummy files first but if it is being logged it should be OK.

....I always wanted to try juggling hand-grenades so this will be a step in the right direction.   ;)


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