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MC.Explorer.Goto and ftp


I now have this little user command

--- Code: ---MC.SetActivePanel PANEL=TOGGLE
MC.Explorer.Goto PATH=ftp:\

--- End code ---

And it is set to Ctrl-0 so every time i need to update something on the server i can just use the keypress.

However on each successful connect it also adds another ftp icon on the top of the window, and after a while it sometimes won't even connect anymore.
Is there a way i can keep or re-use the first successful connection with the same script / keypress?

This is driving me crazy. The toolbar gets filled with ftp icons and when you click on them i just get an error beep because they are old and disconnected.
I disabled the error window because it's so small to click on the X to close it and it doesn't help the issue.
I'd like an easy reliable way to connect a panel to the ftp server with a keystroke. I'm must be missing something.


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