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How to open a specific folder in a new tab


I want to create a script that open a new tab and goto a specific folder. How do you open a new tab in the current panel? I created a user defined command that executes the internal command to duplicate a tab (Duplicate Tab in Multicommander module). In another script, I execute the duplicate tab command and assign a specific folder. However, Goto command doesn't change the folder in the active tab.

--- Code: newbielink:javascript:void(0); [nonactive] ---// This user command duplicates a tab
MC.RunUserCmd ID="2e10ab863f2548c2be62cde4b95ecd27"
MC.Explorer.Goto PATH="c:\MyData\Projects\DesktopProjects"
--- End code ---

Is it possible to achieve what I want?

Thanks in advance.

Mathias (Author):
The custom command 'MC.Explorer.NewBrowser' will open a new tab. and option for path and side and more


--- Code: ---MC.Explorer.NewBrowser PATH="C:\Bin" SIDE=LEFT
--- End code ---

How about:

--- Code: ---MC.Explorer.NewBrowser PATH="C:\\MyData\\Projects\\DesktopProjects" SIDE=SOURCE;
--- End code ---

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