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v12.8 **BETA**


Mathias (Author):

15+ Changes.

-- Build 2926 - 11-Dec-2022
 ADDED - Relative/Absolute path conversion for StartFolder / IconPath in QuickLaunch dialog
 ADDED - MultiScript function StrSplitAnyOf , will now split on any of the delimiters specified
 CHANGE- More Code Cleanup and restructing of code.
 FIXED - MultiScript function CopyFile now uses the target name of the file if set and is different that source name.
 FIXED - Rare crash issue that could happen during shutdown of program
 FIXED - Crash Issue if Renaming many selected item and one of them is deleted before it gets to than item
 FIXED - Rare crash issue with opening RAR archives
 FIXED - 4 Stability Issues


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