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"Quick Look'n Feel" resets to defaults

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I have selected "Windows Explorer" style in the "Quick Look'n Feel" dialogue. But after a few days MultiCommander loses this setting and reverts to the default "Commander" style settings without my interaction.

This reverts the following files in \AppData\Roaming\MultiCommander\Config\

A workaround is to click "Windows Explorer" style again and work with this setting for a few more days, but if I have custom key bindings they are lost in the process since CustomKeymappings.xml is overwritten.

I'm not actually sure if it is MultiCommander itself that reverts the setting, or if it is some mysterious Windows cleanup, but I suspect it is MultiCommander. I'm on Windows 11 Enterprise, Version 22H2.

Any idea what's causing this or if this is a bug in MultiCommander?

Kind regards a long time user,

Mathias (Author):
Thats very strange. I never seen that.

MC will restore the file if they are missing when starting.
But there is not other function in MC that will revert them.


Could it be your antivirus removing the files?

Is there anything in MC, antivirus or Windows Event logs?

Do you any so-called disk cleaners(CCleaner, Bleachbit, or the like)?

Thanks, AlanJB. I think that's a qualified guess.

The Event Viewer has a log entry around the time it happened last time:

--- Code: ---EventID 1013
Microsoft Defender Antivirus has removed history of malware and other potentially unwanted software.
  Time: 2023-03-01T10:06:11Z

--- End code ---
The log entry doesn't tell which files were affected, but I'll try to add an Exclusion to Microsoft Defender and see if that helps.


--- Quote ---...but I'll try to add an Exclusion to Microsoft Defender...
--- End quote ---

Let us know how it goes.


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