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Mathias (Author):
Not many new things. (I been very busy and have not had much time to spend on MC)
But there is some new features, The big one is the Data Preview Panel. It is like the Hover Data Preview but instead of showing data preview in a hover window, it will be shown in a panel.
Also you can now drag and drop files on a tab header to make that tab go to that location and if dropped in empty tab area a new tab is opened.

+ 45 Changes

-- Build 2950 - 2023-06-02
 ADDED - Dialog warning about not enougth free space when starting a copy operation will ow show how mush is needed and how much additional free space is needed
 ADDED - Device that are marked as offline will now be skipped on a couple of situations.
 FIXED - 1 Stability issue

-- Build 2948 - 2023-05-22
 FIXED -  When renaming and file is open by other process, MC will now have an action to retry in the error dialog.
 ADDED -  Will try to ask Windows if a Remote device is availible. Sometimes Windows will report as availible even if it is not.
          But when it does report it as disconnected. MC will not hang waiting for a timeout at startup

-- Build 2946
 FIXED - Publish system, 64bit version in now package into correct update files.

-- Build 2945
 ADDED - When Previewing images in panel the image will now be fetch using WIC ( Windows Imaging component )
         instead of Windows thumbnail system since the thumbnail system always returned a squered image.
 ADDED - Data Preview in panel can now take focus. Allowing for wheelzoom when preview is showing text
 ADDED - Better dark mode support for Data Preview
 CHANGE- PASV is now default for new FTP connections
 ADDED - Foldertree can now customize font size
 ADDED - Middle click on folder in tree will open folder on other panel
 ADDED - Foldertree expand/collapse icon changed
 FIXED - Issue when canceling FTP quick connect dialog
 FIXED - Editing large QWORD Regvalue in REG:
 FIXED - 2 Stability issue

-- Build 2943 - 2023-03-31
 FIXED - Language pack submit now works again
 FIXED - Packing 7z archive, The progress bar will now work better.
            However it will not show current file being packed since the newer 7z used packs files in parallel
 FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- Build 2942 - 2023-03-28
 ADDED - DataPreview can now also be shown inside a Panel
 ADDED - Dropping file/folder on tab header that tab will go to that folder and file
 ADDED - Dropping file/folder on empty tab area and a new tab will be opened for that folder and file
 FIXED - 3 Stability issues

The new DataPreview inside a Panel is great.
Thx very much...

Hi Mathias. - thanks for the new beta.

But is the latest not 2943 (instead of 2944 , as stated above?)

Mathias (Author):

--- Quote from: AlanJB on April 08, 2023, 12:17:18 ---Hi Mathias. - thanks for the new beta.

But is the latest not 2943 (instead of 2944 , as stated above?)

--- End quote ---
Yes you are correct. I have modified it

Thanks for the update Mathias.

Just installed b2945 & it seems to have lost many of the entries on the right-click context menu.
MC entries are intact but 3rd party entries have mostly gone.
Any way to recover these or is it necesssary to reinstall the apps?

I used autoruns to inspect the system & the reg entries etc are intact.  The context entries are also OK in Vanilla Explorer.   ::)


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