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Better configuration of languages


I use Multi Commander portable and I like how small it is. To make it even smaller, I delete the files of languages I do not use. Unfortunately, MC treats the language list as a static one, so they still appear in Language combobox in Core Settings.

Proposed implementation: make MC smarter by dynamically inserting at startup values in the combobox of only the files that exist in the Languages directory.

Mathias (Author):
They are not static. They are read from SupportedLanguages.xml

If a list of languages predefined and written in a text file is not a static config, how is it then?
Is there an automated process in MC that reads the files in directory Languages and generates the SupportedLanguages.xml?

Mathias (Author):
it is generated by the build system.
Removing language files your self and have it automatically update that file is not support.
You have to update that file also your self. But as soon as MC updates, it will overwrite it and you also get the new languages files.
All language files are only 1.6MB


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