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Can you open source this programme?

Mathias (Author):
No..  Why? 

Because by being open source, this project would attract contributions from different people with different visions. MC would get much more attention. Many contributions would just come to you and you would only have to review them, which would be easier for you.
Now, if someone has a good idea and you do not like it, you won't work on it. But if you also would get the implementation of that idea, it would be easier to include it in the project. MC would improve a lot, and faster.
It can be remotely be compared to the case of Double Commander. It was open-source before, but at some point it took a big step and moved the development to github and since then, the project benefited from more attention from contributors. A lot of problems were and are fixed.

Mathias (Author):
Just because something is open source does not mean many developers will join.. Most open project does hardly get any external contributors.
Look at DC as you mention.. 90-95% of all commit is from 1 person. 
And then you need to verify everything that people want to contribute. And you loose control and people can fork it and release there own version of it and then there are multiple version out there. and user can trust what version is the offical.
Bad people can easily create a version containing malware, and it will hurt the reputation of the official version.
And the project then would also only be able to use other open source project, limiting in what 3rd party software you can use.  Would require some parts of MC to be rewritten.
Also MC codebase is huge, very few developer would want to spend the time to understand the architecture.

However.... some "parts" from MC is planned to be open.. So I think parts and extensions can be open..

Many contributions would just come to you

ideal opensource

Look at DC as you mention.. 90-95% of all commit is from 1 person.

True opensource


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