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Context menu on drive buttons

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The drives drop-down, with its shortcut, are of value to me.

One of the benefits having the drives as buttons is if I could reach the right-click context menu with it.
Drive context menu have some dedicated entries not available in folder one.
This menu is unavailable, even in the tree.
Since there is no "My computer" view, this is the only way to reach it from MC.


Mathias (Author):
Showing the shell context menu when right clicking on drive button is something that I have on my list.

If I get the time I will included it into the next version.

Also one question , is it possible to change white background color in drive list box (drive menu)? I couldn't find it in configuration. Thanks.

Mathias (Author):
There is no configuration for that.

... and do you plan to put some options into manager configuration also for address bar which is still white and I can't find the way how to change it to grey? I would like to set every background to grey color because is easier to read it from monitor than when I use white color. Thanks.


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