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[Blog Post] - An Early Look - Quick Launch Bar

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Mathias (Author):
An Early Look - Quick Launch Bar

Comments for the blog post should be posted here in the forum topic

Just for clarification: will buttons accept multiple dropped files (to be passed as parameters to the button program)?

Mathias (Author):
I have not decided how that should be handled yet.

There are three way to handle that. Open an instance of the program for every dropped file or send all files as parameters to the program or only accept the first of the dropped files.

Most program does not support opening multiple files. For example try dragging two files and dropping on Notepad then notepad will not open any of them.

I thinking that there need to be an option on the launch item where it can be configured how that item should handle multiple dropped files.

That is looking really good.

If I can add to Jungle's suggestion?
How about passing the selected files from both panels so that 'Comparison' programs like "WinMerge" can be called with both files as parameters.


--- Quote from: GrantSP on May 16, 2012, 02:02:17 ---How about passing the selected files from both panels...
--- End quote ---
I can't even imagine how that could be performed :) Maybe script action is a better way?


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