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I have next suggestion when I want to create directory by F7 key. For example I have list of directories and when I focus on some directory which already exist from this directory list and then press F7 it could be better when text box will be filled up by name of focused directory. It can save more time when I created new directory with long name.



Mathias (Author):
So you want the name of the folder you stand on to be already shown in the new folder name dialog ?

I think that would be a bit annoying for most people. because most of the time you create completely new folders.

But you can do that with script.

Create a User defined command of "Custom Command" type

--- Code: ---MC.Explorer.Makedir FOLDERNAME="${sourcefocusname}"
--- End code ---

The the name of the file/folder in focus will be show in the Create folder dialog when it is shown.

Then you assign that command to a hotkey  eg Ctrl+F7


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