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Autofolder scan/refresh: dedicated button


It's difficult to select files in folders where many files are being added in the background: the gui starts rereading the files/folders in the map and in some cases the gui even seems to stall.
A dedicated button to temporarly disable the autofolder scan/refresh would help in such cases.

Mathias (Author):
There are commands to do this with in the command line field.

":AutoRefresh 0"  will turn off all auto refresh.. need to restart MC. and then you need to press refresh you select to refresh.. it will not monitor folder for changes..

":AutoRefresh 1" to turn it back on..

or if you temporary want to stop it for one folder..

":UnwatchFolder <folder>"

(See Application Log Ctrl+L for information it they turn on / off )

":FolderMonitor List"
To list all folders that are monitored


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