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Mathias (Author):
Biggest change is that the error handling around Fileoperations (Copy/Move/Delete) have been rewritten.

  185+ Changes

  ** Release Candidate **
 Please report any issue around the new thing likes
 Auto error handling, Scriptable Columns, Play Audio, ...

-- Build 3015 - 2024-06-11
 FIXED -  Missing updated Language packs

-- Build 3014 - 2024-06-11
 FIXED - Missing translatable text items.
 FIXED - In Overwrite dialog SKIP was in some situation handled as Skip All.
 FIXED - Code cleanup and minor fixes.

-- Build 3013 - 2024-06-06

 FIXED - Layout and language texts issue with delete dialog
 ADDED - Zip archive will now store LastAccess and Created time for each item when creating zip archive.
 FIXED - Selecting an 'OverWrite IF' option when overwriting for a Zip file, The first file was not removed from the zip. Making it show the error again.
 FIXED - Copying files from RAR sometimes did not copy ALL of the selected files.

-- Build 3012 - 2024-06-04

 FIXED - Unpacking will now show that in the title bar of progress dialog
 FIXED - Progress bar is now shown correct when transfering to/from portable device
 FIXED - If a file was skipped during a file operation, it was not always show in error report.
 FIXED - AutoOverwrite options "If" (Eg IfSizeDiffers, IfNewer,...) did not always work
 FIXED - 3 Stability fixes

-- Build 3011 - 2024-05-31

 FIXED - Issue when opening .bz2/tar.bz2 files.
 FIXED - SDK Cleanup and removed depricated functions
 FIXED - Overwrite opten Appen/Resume/Rename now works again.
 FIXED - Creating Zip that are password protected works again.
 FIXED - Issue when typing path in commandline field.
 ADDED - Support for Onedrive for Business  accounts that are connected in the local computer.

-- Build 3010 - 2024-05-24
 ADDED - Popupmenu shown when dragging file with Alt, ow got a new option if files are dropped on an exe. Run exe with drogged files as parameters
 FIXED - Entering full path with filename in commandline files, It will now go to path and set file as focus. Was broken. Now works again.
 FIXED - Option that control if link target should be shown for Symlink/Junction now works for file.
 ADDED - Option to show error report for only Skipped and Failed files. If error was handled so it was copied/moved. it will not be shown in the error report.
 ADDED - Added so all new text support the language system and can be translated.
 FIXED - Change the layout of the CopyTo Dialog. all option in the two columns have swap places.

-- Build 3009 - 2024-05-17

 ADDED - Added Column showing onedrive status for files (Experimental. not 100% yet)
 FIXED - Replace files in zip archive sometimes failed
 FIXED - Test Zip archive sometimes now works again
 FIXED - Opening rar with encrypted filenames now works again
 FIXED -  2 Stability issues

-- Build 3008 - 2024-05-14

 FIXED -  Skip All option in overwrite dialog now works again
 ADDED - 'AllowAsFileProp' Option for MultiScript. And Only script with this option can be connected in the Scriptable columns dialog.
 FIXED -  2 Stability issues
 FIXED -  SDK API Cleanup

-- Build 3007 - 2024-05-06

 FIXED - Icon Option to get associated icon or not. Had no effect. Now it works.
 FIXED - Zip handing and new error handling system
 FIXED - Delete from zip now update progress bar better
 FIXED - Delete from zip can now be aborted.
 FIXED - Error Result view now works better.
 FIXED - Issue when deleting files with protected files attributes.

-- Build 3005 - 2024-05-01

 ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+O in CopyTo Dialog moves focus to Overwrite options
 ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+R in CopyTo Dialog moves focus to Protected files options
 FIXED - Tab focus fixed in CopyTo Dialog
 FIXED - Extension interfaces cleanups
 FIXED - RAR unpack and error handling been rewritten
 FIXED - 7Zip using new error handling system

-- Build 3002 - 2024-04-23
 FIXED - Issue when unpacking Rar/7z/other that uses old error handing system

-- Build 3001 - 2024-04-22
 FIXED - 4 Stability issues

-- Build 3000 - 2024-04-22
 FIXED - Will not fetch exe icon from exe of file is in onedrive, and file is not synced to local.
 ADDED - Zip pack/unpack will use the new Auto Error handling system.
 ADDED - Dialog for 'Compare Folders Advanced' will now remember last used settings

-- Build 2999 - 2024-04-08
 ADDED - Experimental support for adding scriptable columns, Let a MultiScript fetch what should be shown in a column in the file list
 ADDED - MultiScript function "VariableDefined(<str>)" that returns 1 if text provided exists as a variable.
 FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- Build 2997 - 2024-04-02

 CHANGE- Major rewrite of error handing of Copy/Move/Delete operations.
 ADDED - MultiDataViewer is now language aware when doing find. (Can be turned off in option for faster search)
 ADDED - Opening Zip archive with large number of files is now faster
 ADDED - Copy/Move/Delete options for auto handling errors
 ADDED - Copy/Move options for auto handle overwrite options.
 ADDED - Copy/Move/Delete options for showing error report after operation is done
 ADDED - Options for Copy/Move/Delete for System/Hidden/ReadOnly options joined to be 1 options for "Protected Files" (instead of 3)
 ADDED - Support for 64px size thumbnails
 ADDED - DataPreview templates can be updated if they are not customized.
 ADDED - Playing audio file are now shown in status bar
 ADDED - Play Audio Sample command to menu (Will jump 25% into audio file and play for 15s then stop)
 ADDED - Play audio will now try to play "mp3,wav,mp4,m4a,avi,mkv,acc,wma,wmv,asf,flac" (some are movies but it will play the audio if possible)
 ADDED - Play/Stop Audio file icon button to toolbar
 ADDED - Improvements how playing audio files works and are shown.
 ADDED - Preview template for audio files can now select to play the audio file
 FIXED - Unpacking Zip with had a space in the filename just before the ".zip" part.
         Failed to unpack since it tried to unpack into a folder of the name, and space at the end is not allowed on Windows.
 FIXED - Issue when moving tab to other side and the new active tab in the "from" panel was delayed loaded.
 FIXED - 4 Stability issues

A new Experimental feature that probably only I myself have used for is ** Scriptable Columns. **

You can now create a MultiScript that will be used to get what should be shown in a column in the file list.
Add configure Scriptable filepropertys go to Column Customization (Right click on column header)
then at the side of the available columns. there is a script button.
Use this button to create a new file property (column) and connect it with a MultiScript.

Right now there is NO RESTRICTION on what the MultiScript can do when it runs for getting Column text.
But the script will be run for EACH folder and files in the file list where the column is shown.
So, if you have a MultiScript that execute an external program. this program will be executed for all items.
And that is probably not a good idea.. So be careful what script you connect.

When connect a Column with a MultiScript you select what input and output variables in the script it should use.
The Input variable in the variable that will be added with the value of the full path to the file.
Output variable it the variable that the result will be stored in.

To be able to create and debug the script easier.
You check now check if a variable exists, and if not it can be added.
This way. You can easy test the script in ther MultiScript Debugger.

Example of script that will just show the file extension in a column.

--- Code: ---if(IsVariableDefined("$_FILEPROP_FILEPATH") == 0)
  @var $_FILEPROP_FILEPATH = GetTargetFocusPath();

@var $ext = PathGetFileExtPart($_FILEPROP_FILEPATH);

--- End code ---

So to test this.
 * Create new MultiScript and paste in the code above. And save it
 * Go to Customize columns (right click on column header)
 * Click on Script button to add/edit Scritable columns
 * Click New. and then select the script you created, set Name and save.. then close.
 * The new column should now be shown in the list. You can filter on Scriptible and you find it easier.
 * Add the new column to current layout
 Save and close Window

Major Changes

* New Error Handing system for file operations (Copy/Move/Delete) (Auto handle errors and show error result after operation)
* Scriptable Columns
* Play Audio files
File Operation Error Handing

File operations error handing have been totally changed.. You can now configure how File Already exists error should be handle.. (Overwrite options)
and you can also configure how Protected Files should be handle.. (Files with Hidden / System or ReadOnly file attributes.)
Other errors are not auto handled. but you can enable to skip error. then it will skip when other errors happened.
And if Show Result is enabled you get a dialog showing what errors happened and how they was handle..

The thing is that MC support many different types of FileOperation.. File normal device to normal device, To virtual device, To network, To FTP and so on.
So many different situation and I'm not sure all of them work with the auto handle and auto skip on error.

So please report any issue you see. 

Thx for the new beta!

Nice feature for "File Operation Error Handing"

Miss some strings for translation. Still wip, or do I miss something?

Mathias (Author):

--- Quote from: User_99 on April 13, 2024, 18:27:19 ---Thx for the new beta!

Nice feature for "File Operation Error Handing"

Miss some strings for translation. Still wip, or do I miss something?

--- End quote ---
Still beta so strings are not finalized, so not translatable yet

"still wip" ?

Work in progress ;)

@translation: ok, thx

Lukasz S.:
Hi Mathias,

Is it possible to increase dimensions of Copy/Move window to fit, for example, full Polish translation? The same for "Advanced >>" button.
Please see the screenshot.



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