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Add "Yes to all" to "Close Tab?" dialogue.


I switch between different sets of locked tabs often using custom buttons, and because I have 11 or so locked tabs in each tab set, when I open a new set I have to hammer the 'Yes' button 11 times when the 'Close Tab?' dialogue appears.

There are two solutions I can see:

a 'Yes to all' button in the "Close Tab?" dialogue


a parameter that can be used with the MC.LoadTabs command that forces closing all locked tabs without asking

Having both options would be amazing!

Thank you for your work on multicommander, it's a fantastic software!

You have:

--- Code: ---MC.CloseAllTabs DONOTASK;
--- End code ---

Does that help?

It does! Thank you!

In case anyone else has the same issue, here's what I have in a 'Multi-Script' command:


MC.LoadTabs FILENAME="C:\tabfile.mctab" REPLACE;


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