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Tabs Names Dropdown List Menu To Declutter Tab Strip


Sometimes I get into scenarios where I have 20+ Tabs easily. A Dropdown List Menu of all Tabs Names (with Paths) would be a good indicator when there's way too much Tab Strip clutter & you can't see what the Tab Names are —helping you navigate faster (most browsers have this feature (Edge has Vertical Tabs, Firefox always had a built-in Dropdown List Menu (which is why I had to use Firefox until Edge added this feature much later !)) P.S: Hovering over each name is too slow, & since MC doesn't have a Windows menu it could be added to the right of the Tab Strip perhaps.  :D P.P.S: This much-needed feature could be something rudimentary like the Alt+Down-ArrowKey History List (this would work fine for the Tabs List !)
Note: Clicking on a Tab Name Dropdown Menu location path item should take you to that Tab.

Thank you for making multitasking easier —I really needed this feature desperately ! This will take my productivity to new heights ! Thank you so much, appreciate it ! 👍


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