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2.5 Beta - Build 1080


Mathias (Author):
v2.5 - Build 1080

Over 250+ Changes. Some of the major changes are.

NEW - Explorer Panel can now show file in List Mode
NEW - Quick launch bar - Toolbar where you can drop file on, and more
NEW - Toolbar system reworked.
Changes - Many of the icons has been updated
ADDED - Toolbars can now be hidden
ADDED - Can now draw file extenion right aligned in the filename column
ADDED - File viewer - Has now support for word wrap both fixed and dynamic
ADDED - File viewer - Can now show line number.
ADDED - File viewer - Read entire file now works.
ADDED - File viewer - Can now hide toolbars.
ADDED - An internal icon gallery that can be used by the new Quick Launch bar.
ADDED - Language editor can now launch google translate.
ADDED - Right clicking on a drive button in the drive bar will now show the shell context menu for that item,
ADDED - Active panel in the left and right panel can now swap places.
ADDED - Active panel can not be moved to other panel.
ADDED - Better error checking for directory monitor.
ADDED - MultiScript function _FindFiles that return string array of found files.
ADDED - MultiScript functin GetFileTime/SetFileTime/IsFolder/GetFileSize/FileExists/TimeLocal2UTC/TimeUTC2Local.
FIXED - MultiTags ${currentfilepath}, ${currentfilename} now work again when running a script separetly for all selected files.
FIXED - Custom Command can now handle accept dropped files as parameters and accessiable using multitag "${param:x}"
FIXED - Problem with MultiScript function _FindFirstFile. Does not work with fixed name to match.
FIXED - Loading external scripts now work a lot better.
FIXED - When deleting folders to recycle bin on Windows Vista or better. The folder with it's content will be sent to recycle bin as one item.
ADDED - Custom Command to execute any internal command.
ADDED - When starting search from script it is now possible to set a fixed panel where it should be opened.
FIXED - Right click on a folder in the folder tree and selecting New->New Folder now works.
FIXED - The Path in the path field sometimes lagged a bit when entering folder with many files
FIXED - Sometimes when selecting item the selection status did not update.
FIXED - Problem in Explorer panel settings when settings a custom date/time format
FIXED - Problem when multiselecting files with "*zip" instead of "*.zip"
FIXED - When drag and dropping a file from a zip archive. It suggested that a Move operation should be done instead of copy.
FIXED - Improved speed a lot when unpacking many small files from a zip archive
FIXED - Problem with moving files under some situations.
+ a lot more

Report bugs In the 2.5 Beta Bugs post

Mathias (Author):
v2.5 - Build 1082

FIXED - Unzip problem with some zip archives
ADDED - Unpack/Pack/View/Rename file commands on toolbar
FIXED - Auto close problem of tabs if File->Menu->Tab was viewed while standing in the settings panel.
FIXED - Color problem with list mode.


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