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Mathias (Author):

--- Quote from: Jungle on June 09, 2012, 18:56:32 ---Some words about "Save current layout as default" action in columns popup menu.

1. If i uncheck column(s) in popup, then save as default, unchecked column(s) become checked and layout is saved with all columns. So i need to "Customize colums..." first and then save as default. Too many operations to do. I think unchecked columns should not be saved.

2. "Save as default" saves view modes separately for each panel, while colums set is one for both panels. And after saving as default columns set is immediately applied to both panels. I think that default layout should be either different for each panel or the same for both. Not mixed.

--- End quote ---

1. I know. It is a bit strange. But for now uncheck means temporary disable them. But they are still in the column set, but hidden temporary.
I have it on my list of things to fix in the future. But it is a too big of a code change this close to final release of v2.5

2. If you have 2 panels with the default column layout and you change how the default column layout looks, all views that are showing the default layout will be updated.
Before I had it so that only current view was updated. But it was messy and I got a lots of complains that users needed to go in and update all their views manually.
It think it is better that they are synced. It will only update the other views when you a changing the default column set. And you do not do that often.


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