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Change path, Keep subpath
« on: August 25, 2012, 15:41:09 »
There is a special trick with the path field that will allow you to change path but also allow you to keep the subpath.

This is something that are mostly useful for developers that work with multiple version and branches.
That has many folders structures that are the same.

For example.
You have several feature branches for the same application that you are working on in your developer folder

for example

You are currently located in D:\Dev\MyApp\Branch_FeatureA\ComponentA\Source\ClassA\

And you want to change to the same location but under Branch_FeatureC.
(With other word you want to go to D:\Dev\MyApp\Branch_FeatureC\ComponentA\Source\ClassA\ )

To do that you can edit the path field and manually change Branch_FeatureA to Branch_FeatureC or you can move up the folder structure until you come to the MyApp folder Down the Branch_FeatureC folder until you reaches ComponentA\Source\ClassA\

This is not very optimal.  And there is an even faster way to to this.

If you right click on a parent location in the path field you will get a list of the folders in that location allowing you to fast go to a folder under a parent folder.

So if you right click on "MyApp" part in the "D:\Dev\MyApp\Branch_FeatureA\ComponentA\Source\ClassA" path in the path field, You will get a list showing Branch_FeatureA,Branch_FeatureB and Branch_FeatureC Then when you select Branch_FeatureC It will take you to that folder.

Now the special trick. If you hold Shift+CTRL when you right click on the "MyApp" part in the path field. It will try to keep the same subpath when it change the path. So when you then select "Branch_FeatureC" from the list,
it will take you directly to "D:\Dev\MyApp\Branch_FeatureC\ComponentA\Source\ClassA\", Keeping the same subpath as you currently are in.

If the subpath does not exists under the new path, it will take you in as far as it can.
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