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Mathias (Author):
Following user have contributed to Multi Commander by creating translations

Chinese (CN) - Yinyuecheng, (Previously maintained by Tyler)
Chinese (TW) - Alan
Czech - R3gi (Previously maintained by PetRip)
Dutch - Hans Niesten
English - Mathias Svensson, Corrections by Russ Williams
French - St├ęphane Pierre
German - H. Laudor, and Hajo
Hungarian - Zityisoft -
Italian - Aldo
Japanese - Tilt
Lithuanian - Raimondas Duzinskas
Polish - Lukasz Seweryn
Portuguese - Pedro Albuquerque
Romanian - Gabriel
Russian - Jangir I. Ganeev
Spanish - Mauro72
Swedish - Mathias Svensson (*1)

*1) Swedish - Mathias Svensson
This Language pack is created by me. But there is a lot of missing translations since I have not had the time to keep it up to date.
Also I'm not used to type computer related sentences in Swedish so the translation is not very good.
So feel free to send in updates or take over the translations Swedish.


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