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Mathias (Author):
Application Icon for MultiCommander.exe, MultiUpdate.exe, MultiCrashReport.exe are created by Martin Reslow

Some of the toolbar icons from

Converted/recoloured some of the free fatcow images for use on the quick launch toolbar

rename / Find / inverse selection

Attached as zip if anyone wants them.

Mathias (Author):

Like them, Except the "(?)" icon, Not sure it says "rename" for me,

I have not tested, but the icons are only in the size 32x32.. So might looks strange if user are running another size, because then they are auto resized to 16 or 24/48..

The rename was a last minute addition as I thought it kinda said 'What am I called?' ;D
I may play around with it some more tho.
I didn't alter the sizes from the original 32x32, I have them running at 24x24 & they look OK.  See screen attached.
Shouldn't be difficult for others to resize if they wish.  MC resizes images doesn't it...?
& There is always Irfanview for format/size editing.

Mathias (Author):
I tries to load them in correct size first.

If requested size does not exists it will rescale.
And that works a bit different on XP vs Newer OSes.

XP it will load the next image going down in size. and then scale up.
From Vista and above it will try to load bigger image and then scale down.


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