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2.7.2 Beta - Change Log
« on: September 15, 2012, 14:23:18 »
Changes since v2.7.1 : 75+ Changes

ADDED - Removal/Inserts of SD-Card in SDCard reader is now detected correct.
ADDED - Can now run "MultiCommander.exe /OPEN [path]" to open [path] as a new tab in an already running instance of MultiCommander
ADDED - Online documentation is updated and new pages are added for features that was added in previous releases.
ADDED - Can now configure User defined commands to mouse button commands.
ADDED - FTP Bookmark now support remote dir that it should go to when connecting.
ADDED - Now possible to enable 'Auto Select itfile/folder when hovering over', Useful for single click configuration.
FIXED - Connecting to FTP using command line command now works again ( ftp://[<username>:<password>]@host[:port][/remotepath] )
FIXED - Various FTP fixes.
FIXED - Context menu on RightClick button now works again.
FIXED - Issues with startup if working directory was not MultiCommander install folder.
FIXED - Rename action did not work on some mouse configurations, like Click and Wait action for Right or Middle button.
FIXED - Password problem with 7-Zip.
FIXED - Issue with file property that prints a date/time in MultiRename tool.
FIXED - Some Multi-Language issue when running in portable mode.
FIXED - Issue where some tabs reverted to C:\ when a USB/Removable drive was removed.
FIXED - Drag and Drop issue when dropping folder from programs that where using the FILEGROUPDESCRIPTORW, Way of dropping files.
FIXED - Crash problem when using FTP that only affected some languages.
FIXED - 7 Crash problems reported by crash report system.
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